I’m Colin, nice to meet you.

I am an analyst with experience in the insurance, lottery, and video game industries. I have always loved using data as a tool for providing insights and answering questions and I am lucky to have been able to follow a career path that lets me do that every day.

I aspire to continue progressing down the path of a data scientist, with the goal that this blog will allow me to demonstrate skills that I learn through pet projects with the focus on applying statistical concepts to real-world data problems. I am an avid learner of R, and specifically enjoy to dive into the Tidyverse packages.

I graduated from the University of Kansas - Rock Chalk and currently live in Austin, TX. In my free time, I really enjoy trying new coffees and watching Formula One or Kansas City sports on the weekends. I love traveling to new places as much as I can and just generally finding any impulsive adventure that I can go on.


Colin Renville

Data Analyst